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The Beatles

Many people ask me about the my relationship, well, my spiritual relationship with The Beatles.   The Beatles brought awareness of Eastern philosophies to America.  They invoke a feeling, an experience in many even 50 years later.  That energy has been passed to down to younger generations.... an activation of sorts.

In my humble opinion, I believe the Beatles are musical avatars.  Avatars are human beings with extraordinary gifts sent to

us for spiritual awakening.  Whether they knew it or not, their love of music, and their transcendent and channeled lyrics has awakened many. 

The Beatles are about Oneness.  I have seen time and time again how The Beatles have brought people together.  People sing and FEEL the Love in their music and lyrics.  The Beatles are timeless and timely as we move into this new age of awakening.  Fifty years later, their vibration continues to transform and inspire.

Wendy has been a fan of the Beatles since birth :)  Her love for them expanded when she was immersed into the Oneness Movement and began to see The Beatles in a different light.  Listening to the lyrics opened another dimension of knowing. Being a sound therapist, she has explored the frequencies and vibrations of their music.  Wendy opened Mother Nature's Sun in 2009 to help others on their awakening journey and share her passion of the Beatles with everyone.  She has had mystical experiences with both John and George and believes it is time to share those experiences.  She is working on a book and activation deck to deepen your experience with the Beatles and the world around us.  

If you have a Beatles story to share, please email Wendy at


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Beatle Blessings!

Wendy From Hendersonville, NC
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