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Space Harmonics

Space Clearing Services


Space Harmonics

Consultation and clearing of space of your home, business and land.  This may include sound therapy, fire ceremony,, dowsing (geopathic, transcendental, electromagnetic, vortexes, energy levels, etc), Vastu, sacred geometry, crystal and color therapy, among other methods.  2-3 hours on average needed to do a clearing (depending on information provided). Additional time may be needed for larger homes and acreage. Consultation includes followup report on what you can do to keep your space energetically supportive.
Cures are additional (Vastu cures, crystals, etc). 

$111.00 / hour 


Long Distance Clearing:

Provide an architectural plan or a drawing and an address and we can do a cleanse from anywhere around the world. Includes same methods as listed above, and cures will be mailed to you. We will give a followup report and tips on how to keep the vibration in your space high and supportive.
Cures are additional (Vastu cures, crystals, postage, etc.)

$111.00 / hour

Akashic Reading for land:

Everything has a energetic blueprint.  This energy can be dowsed and rectified but sometimes we need specific information in order to clear or cure the home's energy, especially the land.  Also, this is a great gift for someone who has property or old home with LOTS of history. 

$77.00 / Reading

Numerology Reading for home:

Numbers have extraordinary energy and can provide additional insight about your home.  If you feel the number isn't supporting you and your current life situation, it can be changed!  Numerology reading is included in a Space Harmonics session.
$44.00 / Reading

To book a consult/appointment for Space Harmonics or Long Distance, email Wendy at or call 317-253-LOVE.


Space Clearing / Harmonics is a tool to help transform your home, business or land's (any space!) energetic blueprint.  This modality rewires your space so the Universal energy is working FOR you and not against you.


S  Sacred Geometry/Smudging/Sound

P  Purge/Purification

A  Attitude of Gratitude/Aromatherapy

C  Crystals/Consecration/Chakras

E  Emotions/Earth Energy/Elements


Have you ever walked into a space where you didn’t feel quite right?  Do you immediately feel nauseous, get an instant headache, an allergy attack, emotional outbursts, etc.?  It could be from the environment: EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) are too strong (too much fluorescent lighting), overwhelming smells, toxicity you can’t see such as mold, poor ventilation, lacquers on furniture, space is too close to electrical lines, etc.  The list goes on and on and it is termed “Building Sickness”.   Green Building is growing in popularity due to the response of too many people getting ill from their own homes/business environment. 


However, the one thing that most people pick up on and cannot see is the ENERGY itself in the space.  Who lived in or used the space before you?  Did someone pass away there?  Divorce? If it is new construction, how was the land used or did someone live on this land?  These energies can be measured by using dowsing rods, pendulums, and intuitive readings and transform them to assist the future occupant.  To help clear energies of a space, there are various “cures” that can be used. 

These "cures" are very effective in eliminating negative energies and raising the vibration of a space.  For example, if there are specific intentions for a space (abundance), specific crystal grids can be set up for manifestation of prosperity.  Crystals can also help with the physical environment such as EMF’s and air quality.  Special symbols (sacred geometry) can help to correct any problems in the space and optimize energy flow.  Sound (using tuning forks, crystal bowls, gong, voice, etc.) helps to reset the energy field in and around the space and allows for the Universal energies that are always there to assist you, to come to you easily and effortlessly.  We can even determine the vibration of your address and see how the numbers support you. 


Wendy's knowledge and experience with Sound Therapy, Crystals, Oneness Blessing and processes, Numerology, Transcendental Dowsing, Akashic Record, Vastu Shastra, Building Biology and Quantum energywork make her space clearings one of a kind.


Home Owners/Tenants: Do you have financial difficulties?  Relationship issues?  Unexplained illnesses? Want to clear land before new construction?

Business Owners:  Having difficulty with employees, expenses / overhead becoming a burden, decline in business / clients? 

Real Estate Agents:  Do you have homes/land that just won't sell?

Landlords:  Want to attract the ideal tenants that pay rent on time and stay?


If you answered yes to these questions, Space Harmonics may help your situation! 

Contact Wendy at for questions or to book your consultation.  Long distance rectification also available.



"I owe you an enormous vote of thanks for all that you accomplished Space Clearing my home. For the first time in a year I sleep all the way through the night without getting up at 2 AM.  The energy in my home is cleared with divine intervention and love. I can feel the shift and because of your generosity and kindness I’m full of gratitude and gratefulness. 
What a stupendous service and doing it all the way across country from South Carolina to Santa Fe, New Mexico is such a gift that you offer. Many blessings Wendy and thank you very much for all that you did on my home! Namaste."

E.S., Sante Fe


"Wendy Morrison became a joy in my life; not only is she a gifted energy therapist,  I can tell she has studied her work in this field.  She has made wonderful suggestions and did corrections for my energy and my home and land.  I feel much more settled in, clearer in my business path and I have gained new clients that I never thought I would.  I would highly recommend her services." 
D.B., Hilton Head

"Wendy performed a space clearing for a new business I recently opened.  I was amazed at her ability to pick up on all the "pockets” of heavy energy without knowing that I already knew where those pockets were.   She cleared the space with crystals and sound and not only transformed the energy in the space, but she shifted the energies of the menu, the business name and the phone number to make it ours.  That was very important to us.


Wendy is “the real deal”.  I can’t stress enough how much she helped us transform our business.  I would highly recommend using Wendy in every capacity from Space Clearing to Sound Healing." 
T.O., Hilton Head Business Owner


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