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Space Harmonics

Space Harmonics

Consultation and clearing of space of your home, business and land.   
3-4 hours on average to do preliminary dowsing before arrival, onsite or remote cl
earing, followup and Space Harmonics report with results. Report includes findings of preliminary dowsing, onsite work and cures used.
Additional time may be needed for larger ho
mes, acreage and depth of work.  
Cures are additional (Vastu cures, crystals, rods, quantum tools, postage, etc).
This modality can be done remotely with architectural plan or drawing and specific address.  

To book a free 15 minute consultation to see if Space Harmonics is right for you, email Wendy at

$111.00 / hour (3-4 hours minimum)



What will I expect in a Space Harmonics Consultation?

We are a part of this big beautiful planet so how we interact with her is extremely important.  We need to be more in touch with our surroundings and just be present to see and FEEL the magic. And to recognize that you are a part of this magic. 

The most profound way to show gratitude for your magical space is by simply acknowledging it.  Thank your space for what it gives you, offer prayer or fill the space up with sound.  Shower it with flowers and divine scents.  Clean and declutter to allow more positive energy to move through. 
This simple process can shift the energy immediately.  Give it a try and see how you feel <3  
Because, your outer space is a reflection of your inner space.

Offering gratitude should be done often as it will help raise the vibration of your space.  However, there are invisible forces that that can disrupt the energy in your spaces that need more attention.  These energies may create disharmony within our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 


Do you notice when you walk into a space that you didn’t feel quite right? 
Do you feel nauseous, get a headache, an allergy attack, have an emotional outburst?
Do you feel depressed, lethargic, have no focus or clarity at work? 
Difficulty sleeping in your home? 
Unexplained illnesses after moving into a new space? 

Space Clearing / Harmonics is a tool to help harmonize the energies in your home, business or land (or any space).  This modality rewires your space so Universal energy is working FOR you and not against you.  

A Space Harmonics consult looks at specific energy disturbances that may be creating disharmony in your space:

1.  Geopathic stress lines
2.  Negative and positive vortexes

3.  Hartmann and Curry lines
4.  Entities or Non-beneficial energies
4.  WIFI interference
5.  Interference lines

We offer advanced dowsing techniques to find these energies and help to eliminate, transmute and/or harmonize energies for all inhabitants in the space (including your pets <3).  Physical cures are offered in the form of sacred geometry, copper rods, crystals, and quantum tools to help in this process.

Another area we look into is the alignment of your space.  Using the powerful building science of Vastu (Indian Feng Shui), we can raise the vibration of a space by using sacred geometry to bring your space and land into harmony with the 4 directions and the planets.

Other methods we utilize in Space Harmonics is sacred ceremony (setting up of altar, fire ceremony, Oneness prayer, etc) to set intention for the space and its inhabitants.  Stone medicine (crystals) play an important role in protection of your space (grids) as well as clearing any non-benefical energies.  Sound is a powerful modality that we also use (crystal bowl / gong) to help reset the energy field in the space after cures have been placed. We also determine the vibration of your address using numerology and see how the numbers support you. 

We are living in an unprecedented time.  Our spaces have become more important than ever to provide sanctuary for you, your family and your pets.  They should be energetically supportive when we are at play, work or at rest.  If you feel that your space whether it be home, business or land, is not vibrating to its highest potential, contact Wendy for a free 15 minute consultation. 


Wendy Morrison is the creator and owner of Mother Nature’s Sun.  Her knowledge and experience with Transcendental Dowsing, Sound Therapy, Stone Medicine, Oneness Blessing and processes, Numerology, Akashic Record, Vastu Shastra, Building Biology and Quantum energy work make her Space Harmonics consultations one of a kind. 

Contact Wendy at for your free 15 minute consultation.
Long distance rectification also available.  


S  Sacred Geometry/Smudging/Sound
P  Purge/Purification
A  Attitude of Gratitude/Aromatherapy
C  Crystals/Consecration/Chakras
E  Emotions/Earth Energy/Elements




"When I came to Wendy I had been living in my home for over a year and was feeling very stuck and overwhelmed by the energy of the home and land.  She confirmed that there were areas to be addressed and we got to work on the cures.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of taking ownership for the energy of my home, and I felt fully guided and supported by the creative solutions and wisdom that Wendy provided.  I immediately experienced positive changes, not only to the overall feeling of the home, but to my life in general and the mental health of others in the household.  I learned so much from Wendy and I am deeply grateful for the transformative experience that she helped facilitate.  Through this process, I became more deepy connected to my home and have felt a return in love and abundance from the land around me"

H.H., Maryland

"Before I reached out to Wendy, my life felt as though the world was against me and my home became less of a safe space.  After working with her, my home, life and relationships began to feel lighter, easier and more full.  Almost immediately I felt an energetic shift in all aspects of my life.  Wendy is so kind, patient and communicative.  I'm so excited for all the positive things to come from this Space Harmonics session.  Thank you to Wendy.  I would highly recommend her... don't wait!  Get your energetic transformation on now!"  
M.O., California


"Wendy Morrison became a joy in my life; not only is she a gifted energy therapist,  I can tell she has studied her work in this field.  She has made wonderful suggestions and did corrections for my energy and my home and land.  I feel much more settled in, clearer in my business path and I have gained new clients that I never thought I would.  I would highly recommend her services." 
D.B., Hilton Head

"Wendy performed a space clearing for a new business I recently opened.  I was amazed at her ability to pick up on all the "pockets” of heavy energy without knowing that I already knew where those pockets were.   She cleared the space with crystals and sound and not only transformed the energy in the space, but she shifted the energies of the menu, the business name and the phone number to make it ours.  That was very important to us.


Wendy is “the real deal”.  I can’t stress enough how much she helped us transform our business.  I would highly recommend using Wendy in every capacity from Space Clearing to Sound Healing." 
T.O., Hilton Head Business Owner


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