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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy


Cranial Tuning

60 minutes of pure Bliss.  The session incorporates energetic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Stone Medicine, Quantum Energy and Aromatherapy.  Your will experience the grounding and nurturing energies of Mother Gaia as you are cradled and supported by Wendy.  Your spinal column becomes a conduit to receive these loving energies from Gaia as well as the soothing tones of Solfeggio, crystal pyramid, tuning forks and the gong.  All the while you are surrounded in a crystal matrix, Gaia's jewels.  

Wendy has been called a “soul doula” and brings nurturing and soulful energy during a session.  Wendy stays in the quantum field, in the space of no thought, to connect deeply with Mother Gaia and other divine guides.  

Appointments are taken in Bluffton, SC or available long distance.


$122.00 / 60 minutes


Breath, Oneness & the Gong

Join Wendy for a divine experience of Universal source. Imagine a unique combination of Sound (gong and crystal bowls), breathwork, crystal energy, blessings and divine processes to bring us into states of Awakening and open our hearts to the infinite possibilities of the Universe. Locations vary. 

For locations, pricing or to RSVP: Email Wendy at or sign up for newsletter for current details on classes.  

Sessions are held in Bluffton, SC.

  To book a session, please contact Wendy at

EVERYTHING in the Universe is sound and vibration (ENERGY).   We each have a song that we transmit 24/7.   Whatever we emit, we get.  If we see that we are having struggles in any area of our life and in our health, it all starts as ENERGY (sound). 


Sound comes in many forms:  Our thoughts, emotions, and words are the least obvious but the most important.  What we think, feel and say to others (and to YOURSELF) has huge impact on us.  When you speak negatively, how does it make you feel?  You may be angry at that person or situation, but ultimately you are paying the price for carrying the vibration (sound) of anger, disappointment, frustration, etc.  Being in LOVE and GRATITUDE and FORGIVENESS (of others and of YOURSELF), will raise your vibration higher than you can imagine. 

Sometimes we need a little boost to bring ourselves into alignment ... to vibrate just a bit higher from where are currently are.  Chanting is an excellent way to shift your energy and mood.  Listening to your favorite music (The Beatles is my music of choice of course :) and/or listening to music specifically designed for relaxation and healing (ie, Sanskrit language is highly vibrational or listening to Solfeggio frequencies). 

Sound is the medicine of the future and the future is here.  

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