Smudging is an ancient practice of burning dried Sage to clear space and transmute energies.  This liquid smudge spray is an alternative for those who cannot burn Sage for various reason and/or who are sensitive to smoke.  100% organic.  Ingredients:  Organic Sage hydrosol, distilled water, organic frankincense oil and lemon oil, gem elixir of black tourmaline and smokey quartz. Crystals: black tourmaline, clear quartz and garnet*  *(some may contain onyx)
Gem elixirs made on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2016. Hand blended on 4/11/2016
Usage: Spray in corners, objects/space that you feel carry negative vibration. Can be used as a perfume, linen spray. Formula is strong so use sparingly.
Caution: Not for internal use. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Good Day Sunshine Smudge Spray (2oz bottle)

  • Powerful Gem Elixir to help remove negative energies in your space and around YOU!  If you don't like smudging with sage, this is a great alternative to that!  All ingredients are organic (includes crystal chips)

  • I'm so sorry, Uncle Albert... no refunds or exchanges.