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Creedite- Expression in Spiritual Realm

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Numerical Vibration: 6

Chakras: Throat, Crown, Sacral

Color: Colorless to white, purple, orange

Creedite was first found in Creede, Colorado but many specimens are now being mined in Mexico. My gorgeous specimen to the right is from Mexico and the orange color drew me in immediately. The miracles of Mother Earth also gives us Creedite in clear icicles to beautiful shades of divine purple.

Creedite is rare and is a deeply spiritual crystal. Creedite honors Mother Gaia, who is the Greek goddess of Earth.

Chakras: Creedite supports various chakras in the body. She supports the Sacral chakra (orange) and brings joy, togetherness and feelings of home. The spikes associated with the orange Creedite directs energy all around so use her to clear space and land.

The purple and clear Creedite aligns the throat and crown chakras and provides for clarity in expression in the spiritual realm. (Melody, Love is in the Earth).

Spiritual applications: Creedite helps with facilitating and remembering your astral travels and out of body experiences. Helps one to gain access to the sacred texts (Lemurian Seed crystals and Akashic Record) and to understand the subtle messages within the structure of knowledge (Melody, Love is in the Earth). Creedite is also used in channeling messages of our spirit guides (Simmons, Book of Stones)

Physical applications: This amazing crystal strengthens the immune system, helps us to assimilate vitamins and useful in blood detoxification. May be beneficial in repairing fractures and torn ligaments and tendons. (Eason)

Emotional Healing: Creedite has been know to alleviate chronic depression. She may help with boosting motivation. I can attest to that! For me, Creedite clears my lower chakras and gives me support in career and business by providing clarity and ease in my decision making. (Read, "Crystal Mystery Tour" about how to choose a crystal that aligns with you)

My orange beauty has always been one of my favorites....

I will often refer to several crystal texts/bibles in my posts. If you are a crystal lover like me, I highly recommend these three:

Melody, Love is the Earth

Robert Simmons, The Book of Stones

Philip Permutt, The Crystal Healer

If you need any crystal guidance, I will try and help you in any way that I can!

Crystal LOVE, Wendy

PS: A little quantum tip.... If you feel an energetic shift looking at a picture of a crystal, then you are receiving vibrations of that crystal on a quantum level. If you need a boost, take a gander at a photo <3

If Creedite resonates with you (look at the pics :), you can purchase yours here at Exquisite Crystals. Click on the link below to see their Creedite beings and many other beautiful crystals on their site.

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