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Crystal Mystery Tour

There are over 4000 minerals on our planet and many more are being discovered each year. There are so many crystals and so little time to learn them all! How do we start to choose which crystal is right for us??

How do you know what crystal you need? Intuition is the most powerful way to know if a crystal is going to be beneficial for you or for a client. Just holding a crystal in your hand can give you amazing feedback. I have always considered myself an intuitive crystal healer for many years now and find that the more you interact with crystals, the more sensitive you become. If you or someone you know has a specific ailment and want to be thorough, research, research, research and the internet provides excellent resources. There are also a plethora of books available and will share some of my favorites with you. If you are familiar with chakras and their colors, that can be beneficial as well in choosing the appropriate stone. All three methods can lead you to a crystal that you probably knew nothing about, which of course means that your crystal collection will surely expand! To help you along your crystal journey, I continue to delve deeper into the crystal abyss and find those gems that you have never heard of (and also visit those tried and true crystal friends we know and love) and share that information with you! I will also share many ways to integrate crystals into our daily lives and the wonderful AHA moments of new ways to use them as I play with them daily.

I will be offering a biweekly blog about a specific crystal and give you information about their energetic properties, how to use them (or how not use them :), what chakra it vibrates to, astrological and numerology vibration, etc. and hopefully one (or several!) will make it into your divine collection. I will share links to find related books, crystals of course, courses and crystal related items. Also, look for news about Mother Nature's Sun Earth School .. online courses on crystals, space clearing, sound therapy and much more!

If you are not already a Mother Nature's Sun follower, please go to and sign up to receive Crystal Mystery Tour blogs and news on our Earth School. Beatle Blessings!

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