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Creating a Sacred Space for Healing

To realize our destiny, we need clear intentions about our desires and Sacred Space is an amazing tool that can help manifest those desires. Sacred Space is created for specific intentions and is only limited by your imagination: room in your home, a cubicle in your office, a special place in your garden/yard or even a small table. Your car can even be a Sacred Space!

Where do we begin? First, start with the northeast corner of any Space. It is the most powerful as the energies of the Sun rising in the East and magnetic North give us transformative energies to help manifest our dreams. Begin by clearing the space of any negative energy. Sound is the most powerful way to do this: Crystal bowls, gongs, tingsha bells, etc. WITH intention can clear space and give us a foundation to work from. Large crystal generators with many points also are very impactful and help clear and keep the space humming in a high vibration. Color, natural materials, plants, symbolic pieces, sacred geometry, etc. all help to amplify the energy of your Space.

Now, what do you want to manifest? We can have multiple intentions and using a Vision board is good for this. Using an altar is powerful as it directs energy to a specific point in the Space. Write down your intentions, place them on your altar, and then decorate with candles, statues, any items of importance to you. Ask for healing, prosperity, career boost, etc. but be very specific: The Universe will give you exactly what you ask for!

In order for the Universe to conspire to our wants and desires, we must “activate” the Space on a daily basis, even to just say hello. Most Sacred Spaces are created for meditation and we can activate the space just by the act of meditating. We can also activate the Space just by cleaning it: this tells the Universe that you are paying attention and are caring for your dreams. Lighting a candle in your Space signifies your devotion to your intentions. Just sitting in the middle of the room in gratitude raises the vibration of your Space.

Be creative! Have fun with your Space and remember this Manifest mantra: Imagine. Let It Be. Shine On.

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