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Oneness Blessing

​​Oneness Experience is being held at various locations in North Carolina. 
Please bring mats, blankets, pillows, anything that will make your experience as comfortable as possible.  
Class is $15.00.  To register,
click here.

2020 Dates TBD
The Light Center

2190 NC-9,  Black Mountain, NC

The Sanctuary at Horse Shoe Farm 
155 Horse Shoe Farm Drive, Hendersonville. NC

If you would like to experience the Blessing for a private gathering, contact Wendy at


What is the Oneness Blessing?

​The Oneness Blessing (also known as Oneness Deeksha) is a nondenominational benediction.  A unique and specific blessing, it is the transfer of Divine Energy which, over time is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient.  This energy has been brought to the world through Divine Grace and is being bestowed upon humanity by the twin avatars of enlightenment, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, who reside in the Golden City, India.


What are the effects of the Oneness Blessing?

Those who receive the Oneness Blessing, either on time or repeatedly over weeks or months, report that it impacts their lives in many ways.  Most people report a deeper sense of peace and calm in the midst of external change, and a sense of happiness that has no outer cause.  People also report health issues clearing up, greater intimacy and harmony in relationships, greater creativity and capacity to make decisions, often resulting in greater worldly and financial success and wellbeing.  Ultimately repeatedly receiving the Oneness Blessing over a prolonged period leads to a profound and direct Awakening into Oneness with all that is.


How is the Oneness Blessing given?

The Blessing is generally given by the Blessing giver placing their hands on the recipient's head for thirty seconds to a few minutes.  In India this is known as sparsha deeksha.

It can also be given through the eyes (nayana deeksha) or without touching the person at all, just through the power of intention (smarana deeksha).  In this way, the Oneness Blessing can be given to hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time.


What might you experience during the Oneness Blessing?

Subjective experiences during the Oneness Blessing vary enormously from one person to another, and even for the same person, from one Blessing to another.  It is sometimes very strong, sometimes subtle.   It is sometimes blissful, while sometimes buried memories or feelings are brought to the surface, and there may be a temporary experience of discomfort.  Some people may experience nothing at all, and only days or even weeks later do they notice any effect.  Ultimately, all this does not matter much, for whatever the experience, the Blessing initiates a process which leads to the Awakening into Oneness.

Does the Oneness Blessing belong to any religion or belief?

The Oneness Blessing brings about changes in the energy of the brain, which gradually enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind.  When the senses are unclouded by the mind's interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calm, and intimacy with all that is real.  All of these changes occur independently of belief, faith or philosophy.  The Oneness Blessing is given every day all over the world by people of different races, religions and spiritual practices.  It has been embraced by Christian Bishops and priests, by Muslim Imams, by Buddhists, Hindus and agnostics.  Each has found that the Oneness Blessing enhances their particular religious faith and experience.  It is not necessary to change your religion, or to adopt a new guru or teacher to give or to receive the Oneness Blessing.


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