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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy:

Surround yourself in the divine energies of a crystal matrix ... Crystals entrain us to bring our bodies chaotic frequencies to a calm and centered energy.  This entrainment allows our entire being (mind, body & spirit) to relax and be in the moment.   

$77.00 / 60 minutes


One on One Sound Immersion: 

Immerse yourself in the vibrations of the gong, tuning forks, tibetan bowls, crystal pyramid, vocal tuning surrounded in a crystal matrix. 

$99.00 / 60 minutes


Sessions above are held at The Shift Studio and Horse Shoe Farm in Hendersonville, NC.  To book a session, please contact Wendy at  You can purchase gift certificates through Strawberry Fields Shoppe


 If you have questions, please contact Wendy at



Scalar Light
and Crystals

Mineral and Crystal Program

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk about my love for crystals with Tom Paladino (Scalar Light technology) and Sandra Miller (Biohacking Wellness).  Scalar Light technology is about harnessing the Sun's energy, the lifeforce of nature and utilizing it in a breakthrough healing format. 

The energy of Crystals are very special indeed.  Crystals have been part of our lives for over a millenia ...  Ancient civilizations and practices (the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians,  Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda) knew the power and vibrational energy of Crystals despite not having the  scientific data we have now.  There are over 200 references to crystals in the Bible.  The Egyptians revered crystals as we do diamonds and used crystals for healing, decoration, and burial of their royalty.  Crystals are used in most technology.   So what makes Crystals so special?


We have an attraction to crystals intuitively.... Crystals are made from Mother Earth.  The beautiful formations and color of crystals are nothing short of a miracle.  We want to be around their energy: wear them, hold them, place them in our homes for decoration.  So what makes crystals so alluring?  Scientifically, their powerful pull is their simplicity.  That simplicity comes from their perfect atomic structure which emits a low state of entropy: a frequency and vibration of the simplest form. 


The human body emits varying frequencies:  thoughts, emotions, our organs, energies taken on from the environment, etc.: all emitting different vibrations which creates chaos in our temple.  The crystals entrain our body's varying frequencies to their very simple frequency.   When our bodies are in this low state of entropy (less chaos), our bodies can begin to heal on their own.


There are over 4000 minerals with new minerals discovered each year.  Each one is unique and each one has specific healing abilites to help with our mental, spiritual and physical aspect of our selves.  To choose a crystal or crystals that resonates with you is a personal journey and it is an exciting one at that!  Once you get your first crystal, you will want more! 

Crystals have been part of Wendy's path for many life times.... they show up in dream state and help to heal and guide her.  Her energetic connection and ability to use crystals in healing sessions is a KNOWING, but she wanted to know more about the atomic structure of crystals and how to explain the science of their healing capability (but sometimes that still can't be explained! :)  Wendy became a Certified Crystal Healer, and enjoying the many, many ways crystals can be incorporated into our lives.  Delving into the Crystal world has opened up some incredible dreams and visions for Mother Nature's Sun, so stayed tuned for exciting developments!


Wendy is here to help you on your journey of  the Crystal world and what they can do for you.  She offers one on one Crystal therapy, Consecrated space clearing, gem elixirs, sound healing with crystals (crystals are natural amplifiers of sound), crystal grids, and much more.  Crystals are also available for sale and so if you don't see what you are looking for, Wendy can find it for you.


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