Space Harmonics, Sound and Crystal Therapy


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Space Harmonics

Onsite and Long distance

Wendy's knowledge and experience with Sound Therapy, Crystals, Oneness Blessing and processes, Numerology, Transcendental Dowsing, Akashic Record, Vastu Shastra, Building Biology and Quantum energywork make her space clearings one of a kind.


Sound & Crystal Therapy

Offering sessions in Asheville, Hendersonville & Black Mountain, NC

Wendy has been referred to as a "soul doula".  In her sessions, you will experience the energy of Mother Gaia as well as  travel through frequencies of Solfeggio tones, crystal pyramid, gong and sacred geometry harmonics surrounded in a crystal matrix. 


Scalar Light
and Crystals

The Future of Healing

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk about my love for crystals with Tom Paladino (Scalar Light technology) and Sandra Miller (Biohacking Wellness).  Scalar Light technology is about harnessing the Sun's energy, the lifeforce of nature and utilizing it in a breakthrough healing format. 


30 day Free Trail

Mineral and Crystal Program

Scalar Light technology is the future of wellness.  Tom Paladino has graciously offered the Mineral and Crystal program FREE for 30 days so you can experience this modality for yourself!  Click on link below to hear Wendy's story of being on the program.